SWSP Future Meeting Speakers

2022 Winter Meeting
January 28 – 30, 2022
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Irving, Texas

Dr. Leandro Chambrone, DDS, MSc, PhD - Professor, Ibirapuera University, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Clinical Insights About the treatment of Recession-type Defects and Soft Tissue Phenotype Modification Around Teeth and Implants

Dr. Leandro Chambrone, DDS, MSc, PhDPeriodontal and peri-implant soft tissue augmentation plastic procedures have long been used for the treatment of gingival recession (GR) and mucogingival deformities around natural teeth and dental implants. During daily practice, clinicians are required to deal with diverse clinical scenarios and to provide the most adequate treatment options for each particular condition based on the best evidence available, the clinician’s skills, and the patients’ desires.

Learning Objectives:

      1. To define the main factors influencing the predictability of root coverage procedures according to the different patient-, procedure- and outcome-related factors
      2. To translate evidence-based findings to clinical practice, by presenting treatment approaches to the most common “clinical scenarios” related to gingival recession treatment and soft tissue phenotype modification around natural teeth and dental implants
      3. To identify the influence of the keratinized tissue band on the long-term stability of results achieved by reconstructive soft tissue procedures

Teaching Method: Lecture

Disclosure of relevant financial relationships: None.


Dr. Jeff Anzalone - Periodontist, Anzalone Periodontics

Jeff Anzalone photoDr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist in the great state of Louisiana, author and founder of DebtFreeDr.com.His focus is on helping doctors and other high-income professionals create passive income from real estate so that they can STOP trading their time for money.

How Periodontists Can Boost Collections and Reach Financial Freedom in 7 Years Or Less

More and more general dentists are performing their own surgical procedures and referring less. This is causing periodontists to acquire patients in other ways. Today we're going to discuss the top areas to find success in direct to patient marketing. Also, with doctor burnout on the rise, it's even more important to become financially stable so you can enjoy your practice and your life on your own time. Dr Anzalone teaches doctors and other high income professionals how to create passive income in order to reach financial freedom in seven years or less.

Learning Objectives:

      1. Top direct to patient marketing tactics
      2. How to aggressively pay off debt while investing simultaneously
      3. How to create passive income to replace active income and retire early

Teaching Method: Lecture

Disclosure of relevant financial relationships: None.


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