President’s Message

Cora Marsaw - pic Thanks to my fellow Peridontists and friends in the Dental World for joining me in service to our organization. It has been a pleasure and an honor to be friends with and work with such a talented group of individuals. Dentistry has been not only a lifestyle for me, but has been a wonderful journey. My belief is that “Dentistry chose me--I didn’t have to choose Dentistry”. My commitment and experience with The Southwest Society of Periodontists has confirmed that belief and has given me opportunities to continually express my excitement about being involved in organized dentistry and my profession.

More than just being involved in oversight of the organization, I have had opportunities to experience close-up encounters with some of our professions’ world-class clinicians and academicians. Because our society provides regional meetings, it has allowed all of us to continue to grow and learn in a non-threatening environment, and to ask those questions that are impossible in larger group settings. Having been a member for more than twenty years, I cannot recall a meeting that did not provide a great atmosphere for learning and great opportunities to reunite with fellow Periodontists. Our society has kept in focus the fact that our meetings are an excellent bridge of the gap for training and learning between sessions of the annual academy meetings, and takes full advantage of these times by ensuring that we get exceptional speakers for those meetings.

We had an awesome Summer meeting as Dr. Samuel Low walked us through practice management and growth models for the practice. He presented numerous eye-opening concepts that will enhance our relationships with patients and referring doctors, and ultimately help grow our practices. I am especially thankful to him for taking the time to share his experience and knowledge of patient concerns and his thought processes about how patients view us and the services we provide them.

For some of us, the meeting began with a Strategic Planning Session all-day Friday. Even though it seems hard to imagine enjoying sitting in a room all day anymore – since school days – I must say, our CMP partners made it easy. With the aid and direction of CMP, we were able to accomplish several goals, remain focused on concerns for present and future needs of the organization, and went away from the day fulfilled and task-oriented. We were challenged to look into the future of the organization to see where we fit and how we could help keep the organization strong as well as productive in areas of periodontal and oral health advances. Our take-away inspires me to look to the future with great hope and anticipation. I am especially excited that we are gearing up to take the meeting to the next level by hosting the meeting in cities outside of Texas, which shows the society’s commitment to be more sensitive to the travel concerns for other states in our regional society. It is very exciting that our organization is taking measures to increase participation in membership and meetings participation, as we look to other host states within our region.

On that note, please be aware and start preparing to meet in the fun city of New Orleans, LA, for the Summer 2019 meeting. I am convinced that we will have a great meeting, as the city of New Orleans offers great entertainment and vacation experiences for families, including kids. Besides an opportunity to experience great speakers, New Orleans will offer great opportunities to visit with new and old friends in our profession that may not otherwise travel to the Texas meeting locations. Travel to and from the city is relatively easy, and many of us will find this an excellent time to reflect and reminisce about those college days, when we visited Bourbon and Canal Streets and other familiar spots.

This summer has gone by very quickIy. It seemed as if I were even more busy with patient care this summer than many years in the past. I have had at least four of my summer patients with either confirmed or suspicious lesions. For me, that means I stop all active treatment, focus on the patient’s needs and get more in- depth involvement with the family members. With the aid of Dr. John Wright in the Pathology Department at the Texas A&M Dental School, one of those patients was a confirmed case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and the patient underwent a successful surgery for removal of the lesion and tissue transplant to the jaw and face. The others happened to be just scares, but these times demand that we pay attention to detail, commit to loving our friends, families and neighbors, and never take life for granted.

Adding to my usual summer routine, this summer has also been packed with meetings at my local dental society, as the past president continues to follow through with attempts to reach out to all dental groups in our Dallas County area. During the previous annual meetings session, our local organization reached out to all ethnic groups, all dental practice groups and groups of all diversities as an effort to bring us closer together to better serve the needs of our dental community. Through the efforts of the ED and her staff, at the President’s request, we were able to provide a platform, with a local Judge as moderator. The forum was initiated to allow all dental groups to ask questions, verbalize personal and group needs, and to give direction on actions that would cause our groups to move forward in more cohesive and productive ways for the benefit of everyone. As this project has evolved, the follow-up town hall meeting will expand the target audience and again provide an open forum for dentists to voice needs and opinions that will help move the DFW area towards the goal of “one large group of dentists” rather than “factions of dentists”. “That goal is obtainable. It just needs people and time”.

I am excited that our Southwest Society of Periodontists (SWSP) is taking measures to increase our member and meeting participation. Our membership chair and committee are reaching out to our new graduates of the profession and to other members from the past, as well as those that have taken a break from membership. Our membership benefits are being expanded, and we hope to soon offer on-line and other remote participation opportunities. Our exhibitors have been faithful in their involvement, and we want to retain those relationships and add others that are sensitive to our needs and provide leading edge materials and supplies for our profession. Our organization will continue to grow as we continue to provide outstanding continuing education and peer support that is matchless at any other level of meeting experience.

The Southwest Society for Periodontists has an extremely bright future. Because of its continued inclusivity of all members, our organization has retained a substantial number of its members and has been successful in adding new graduates and new members. A great member benefit our SWSP organization has provided is the spirit of fairness and openness to its membership body by embracing the diversity of its members. The support of the organization allows each member to serve in many capacities in the organization and prepares our members for service at many levels beyond the regional organization.

Prepare to meet us in Dallas for the winter 2019 meeting by re-joining the organization and/or registering for the meeting. Expect to be wowed, and come with the anticipation of meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

Enjoy the rest of the cool weather, before the ice-cold winter arrives, and consider how WE, together, can spend our time and resources to make each Southwest Society of Periodontists meeting a GREAT SUCCESS. We can only do so if we are there!

I look forward to many more years of participation and support as a peer partner and a financial partner working toward the success the success and future of our organization.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve, and hope to see you soon.




Cora A. Marsaw
DDS Board Certified Periodontist
President 2017-2018


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