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2021 Winter Meeting
Friday, January 22, 2021 to Sunday, January 24, 2021
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2021 Winter Meeting
January 22 – 24, 2021
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas in Irving, Texas

Dr. Michael A. Pikos, DDS - Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Pikos Institute

Regenerative Strategies 2021: Single Tooth to Full Arch Reconstruction

Dr. Michael A. Pikos, DDSThis clinical based presentation will cover current hard and soft tissue grafting protocols for single tooth to full arch reconstruction. The use of 3D digital planning and diagnostic protocols will be featured along with comprehensive case presentations. Both horizontal and vertical ridge defects will be addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of 3D Diagnostics for implant based reconstruction
  2. Understand the role of recombinant proteins and other bioactive modifiers for hard and soft tissue grafting
  3. Understand the synergy of hard and soft tissue grafting for alveolar ridge reconstruction

Teaching Method: Lecture

Disclosure of relevant financial relationships: Consultant: BioHorizons, Carestream, Salvin, Versah, Osteogenics, NDX; Honorarium (past): Ellman, Piezosurgery


Dr. Richard Miron, DDS, MSc, PhD

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry

Dr. Richard Miron, DDS, MSc, PhDThe use of platelet concentrates has had a long history of use in various fields of medicine as an autologous source of growth factors fabricated utilizing centrifugation of blood under various conditions. While platelet rich plasma (PRP) was proposed as a first-generation platelet concentrate over 3 decades ago, over the past 10 years, platelet rich fibrin (PRF) has seen a steady increase in utilization for a variety of medical procedures due to its lack of anti-coagulation factors favoring fibrin clot formation and faster wound healing. More recently, further research has demonstrated that shorter and slower centrifugation spin cycles ('the low speed concept') additionally favors wound healing by incorporating higher populations of white blood cells and progenitor cells within the PRF fibrin matrix leading to higher growth factor release within the local micro-environment. Parallel to these findings, the development of a liquid PRF provides a new formulation of liquid PRF without using anti-coagulation factors that may specifically be combined with currently available bone biomaterials favoring particle stability, angiogenesis and tissue integration. This course aims to highlight the recent advancements made with respect to the newest formulations of platelet concentrates and systematically presents when, where and why specific platelet concentrates may be utilized to further speed wound healing and tissue regeneration for various clinical indications faced in routine daily dental practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide the biological background and scientific rationale for why platelet concentrates speed wound healing
  2. Introduce new protocols using horizontal centrifugation
  3. Provide clinical indications when, where and why to use PRF (membranes and liquid) in regenerative dentistry and facial esthetics

Teaching Method: Lecture

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships: Grants/Research Support: Straumann, Osteology, International Team for Implantology, Bio-PRF

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