2022 Summer Meeting - Speakers

The Team Approach To Comprehensive Periodontal Restorative Treatment

Daniel MelkerPresented by Daniel Melker, DDS

Daniel J. Melker, D.D.S. had been in private practice of Periodontics for forty years years in Clearwater, Florida.Dr. Melker has lectured to the University of Florida Periodontic and Prosthodontic graduate programs on the Periodontic-Restorative relationship and has also lectured at Baylor University, University of Houston, University of Alabama Birmingham, as well as LSU Graduate Periodontal Program University of Illinois, Nova graduate students and the University of Oklahoma graduate Periodontics and Prosthetic programs. Dr. Melker’s lectures include the Florida Society of Periodontics, the Pankey Institute, Florida Dental Hygiene Society, the Southwest Florida Dental Society, the West Coast Dental Association, Florida Society of Prosthodontics, the Massachusetts Dental Association, the New Orleans Dental Congress, American Academy of Periodontology and the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Arizona Dental Society, Connecticut Society of Periodontists, Iowa Dental society, Maimonides Society in Washington DC, Greater Orlando Dental Society, Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, Ontario Academy of Periodontics and the Harrisburg Dental society. The highlight of Dr. Melker’s presentations occurred when he spoke to the Illinois Academy of Periodontics. Each Periodontist was able to bring his or her referrals which truly made it a TEAM concept presentation. In April 2011 Dr. Melker had the pleasure to speak at the FEDI meeting at the U. of Missouri. As a follow-up Dr. Melker recently presented to the Wisconsin Periodontal Society with the same format of each Periodontist bringing his referrals as well as the Ohio Academy of Periodontics, the Michigan Academy of Periodontics and the Indiana Society of Periodontics. A combined presentation with Dr. Howard Chasolen at the Southern Academy of Periodontics was given January 2019. The most enjoyable presentations involve Seattle Study Clubs where the Periodontist and his referrals share an intimate setting to discuss Comprehensive Periodontal and Restorative Treatment. Dr. Melker also had the pleasure to speak to Dr. Samuel Lee’s International Academy of Dental ImplantologyInternational lectures include Canada and Estonia.Due to Covid and cancelations Dr. Melker in conjunction with Aurum produced a video of his 7 hour presentation that was converted into Russian for the group that was canceled for May. His sincere thanks goes out to Aurum. In addition to the 5 part series 9 part series was also completed on Periodontal surgery that is now in 40 graduate programs in the United States. 14 videos total all completed with the help of Aurum. Dr. Melker was fortunate to be able to write a chapter in the new textbook Advances in Periodontal surgery on Biologic Shaping in conjunction with Dr. Alan Rosenfeld and Dr. Salvador Nares. Due to Covid there is a delay in two new textbooks that will be coming out in late 2021 also with Chapters on Biologic Shaping.Dr. Melker has published articles in The International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Contemporary Esthetics, Dentaltown, JIACD, Chairside Dentistry and Dentistry Today. Dr. Melker is also a two time Gold Medal recipient from The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.In participation with Proctor & Gamble/Alza and Biora Dr. Melker was a clinical researcher in relationship to the tetracycline delivery system, Actisite® and Emdogain enamel protein matrix. In addition, Dr. Melker participated in the Actisite® Launch Satellite Symposium as a case presenter and has also lectured for Biora on the benefits of using Emdogain in bone regenerative procedures.

What to expect from this lecture:
The main objective of this presentation is to demonstrate how the importance of the TEAM approach in managing difficult periodontal and restorative cases can help to maintain these cases for many years. If we can maintain a guarded tooth or teeth this will help the success of implants as far as length of their success. The success of managing these types of cases directly depends on the Restorative Dentists ability to take a broken-down tooth or teeth and rebuild them through the procedure of Bonded Composite Resins as well as provisionals restorations which will allow the Periodontist to treat the tooth or teeth so they can be Restored ideally for long term stability.
This course will emphasize the TEAM approach in treating comprehensive periodontal and restorative cases. Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Diagnosis as it relates to Restorative treatment. Treatment understanding of guarded teeth and how a TEAM approach can maintain these teeth much longer thus increasing the time an Implant when placed will last for a patient. This is especially important when treating young patients.
  2. Understanding Attached Gingiva as it relates to restorative dentistry. A surgical discussion will be undertaken as to when to treat insufficiencies as well as various modalities to accomplish these results.
  3. Cores and Provisionals, their importance in periodontal surgery.
  4. Biologic Shaping, an adjunct to conventional periodontal surgery.
  5. Biologic width as it relates to restorative dentistry and the importance as it relates to the non invasion of this area.
  6. Cosmetics- periodontal and restorative understanding
  7. Altered Active and Passive Eruption. Treatment surgically to create ideal esthetic results.
  8. Margin location and materials for ideal Restorative outcomes.
  9. Predictability for long term success.

Saturday outline


  • Diagnosis of individual teeth to form an ideal treatment plan IN TREATING or MAINTAINING natural teeth for long term optimum health. The Restorative Dentist, Periodontist and Hygienist work together to understand the concepts for long term success in creating stable Dentitions.
  • The importance of Attached Gingiva as it relates to maintaining natural teeth and its importance in Restorative treatment.
  • Cores and Provisionals, their importance in Periodontal surgery.
  • Understanding the Biologic Width as it relates to ideal Restorative Dentistry.


  • Biologic Shaping. An understanding as it relates to Restorative Dentistry.
  • Cosmetic- Periodontal and Restorative understanding.
  • Altered Active and Passive Eruption. Treatment indications and end results of these procedures.
  • Margin location and materials for ideal Restorative Dentistry.
  • Creating predictable results for long term comprehensive Perio-Restorative cases.

Sunday Lecture: Titanium Particle-Mediated Peri-implantitis and the Harm Associated with Empirical Dental Treatments

George Kotsakis Presented by George Kotsakis, DDS, MS, PhDc - Associate Professor of Periodontics & Roland Meffert Endowed Scholar in Implant Dentistry, UT Health San Antonio

Dr. George Kotsakis received his DDS from the University of Athens and after graduation he practiced in Athens, Greece for several years prior to coming to the US. He then completed his residency in Periodontics and MS in Science at the University of Minnesota when he first got involved in Peri-implantitis research. Following his training, he became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. In 2018, he moved to UT Health at San Antonio where he is currently an Associate Professor of Periodontics, UTHSCA, San Antonio, TX and Director of the ITI Scholarship Center. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and he holds the Roland Meffert Endowed Professorship in Implant Dentistry. He is a clinical researcher focusing on bone regeneration procedures in Implant surgery and Peri-implantitis Therapy. At UT Health San Antonio, he directs the NIH-funded Translational Periodontal Research Lab conducting research on the biological mechanisms underlying peri-implant bone loss and developing novel treatments for dental and biomedical implants. Dr. Kotsakis has published over 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles and textbook chapters with more than 13,000 citations of his work. He is one of the few Dental researchers to have been published in prestigious medical publications, such as the Lancet and PNAS. He has been the recipient of multiple career and research awards from the American Academy of Periodontology, the Academy of Periodontology Foundation and other organizations. Additionally, he serves as an Associate Editor and as an Editorial review board member for multiple prestigious Dental journals. Dr. Kotsakis practices Periodontics in the UTHealth San Antonio intramural clinics with a focus on treating implant complications and peri-implantitis. He lectures frequently both nationally and internationally on implant surgical techniques, alveolar bone regeneration and peri-implantitis therapy. He is funded by the NIH with multiple projects ranging from translational peri-implantitis research to a randomized clinical trial of adjunctive periodontal antibiotics that is planning to enroll over 1,000 participants.

What to expect from this lecture:
Peri-implantitis has been receiving attention following recent studies that showed that it is highly prevalent and difficult to manage. This lecture will provide the latest evidence-based information on peri-implant diseases with emphasis on the role that titanium particle release has in destructive bone inflammation around implants. Strategies for prevention and mitigation will be presented through clinical cases.

  1. Define peri-implantitis and diagnostic criteria.
  2. Understand the risk factors for development of peri-implant disease and treatment modifications for prevention.
  3. How to appropriately clean implants without releasing titanium particles.

Teaching Method: Lecture
Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships: Grants/Research Support: Osteogenics, NIDCR/NIH, MIS Implants Ltd.; Consultant: Novabone LLC, Datum Dental


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