2021 Summer Meeting Corporate Forum

The Shift, The Pinch, And Your Practice

There has been a shift and a pinch for private dental practitioners that most of you have experienced. The shift has come through changing employee expectations. A meta-analysis by Gallup, Inc. of over 100,000 teams found that top employees now expect a coach rather than a boss, and they expect their coach and the workplace to deliver frequent interaction, purpose and development. This expectation is tough enough when the coach is not also the “producer” in a business. However, when the coach is the business owner and the primary source of production, that is when the pinch happens. It is an uncomfortable and costly pinch. Time spent with employees is time out of production and employees who do not receive what they are expecting either leave the practice, or worse, they disengage and stay in the practice. The good news is that there are evidenced-based solutions that produce increased team engagement and improved business outcomes. The Corporate Forum will provide you with a brief overview of the research that will tell you what your team wants from you, and the programs that produce solutions.

Tonya Ray, RDH, MA

Tonya Ray Tonya Ray began her career as a dental hygienist and is always proud to say that she is a previous Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry, now Texas A&M College of Dentistry. The next chapter of her career led her into the world of corporate healthcare products. She had the privilege of holding senior leadership positions in phenomenal companies such as Teledyne Water Pik, The Gillette Company, (Oral-B), The Procter and Gamble Company, (Crest /Oral-B), Carl Zeiss Vision and Metagenics. The “why” behind her career became the development of those around her as well as developing business and healthcare practice owners.

Through many leadership and executive roles, Tonya developed the “e3 ” process for teams and individuals. Tonya is a certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer who works primarily with healthcare private practices. Through the “envision, engage, and empower” process Tonya helps leaders and teams connect with each other. The result is decreased unwanted turnover, increased employee engagement with organizational goals and improved business outcomes.


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